1RM Performance offers ISPE Training for all San Diego Junior High and High School students and student athletes! 

What we do

Enjoy small group and 1 on 1 training when all your friends are at school! ISPE workouts are treated the same as all other training programs! Training programs are based on your current athletic ability, sport of choice, and are all age appropraite! 

Who We Work With

Our ISPE programs are for all junior high and High School students and student athletes! We have experience working with kids of all ages and all sports! From 9 year old badmitton athletes to varisty football and varisity volleyball players!

Our Impact

“Thanks Bobby for being such an amazing influence on Micah!– He loves your ISPE Strength Training course, no matter how much he hurts the next day and to the point that he doesn’t want to take breaks during school breaks. That’s a huge testimonial to you, your staff, and your facility especially considering he never enjoyed any type of physical activity before this. Great job!”

Shirley, mother of Micah, 7th grader, CVMS

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To sign up, or find out more give us a call or shoot us an email! 

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    The bench press is a staple to each and every training routine across the world. Over the past 2 months, the two most common questions from new athlete are 1. how much can you bench? and 2. Is that THE Tommy Edman on the wall? The answers to both are 445 and yes. Those two questions are actually what drive this blog I’m writing. No, this has nothing to do with Tommy or my ability to bench, but by working with predominantly throwing athletes my entire life, and never being one to stray away from the bench press with my throwing athletes, I have seen my share of funky things going on under a bar.