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1RM Performance is a dream come true for two very similar strength and conditioning coaches from two very different locations. We united while working towards a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology, and since graduating, we decided to take it a step further and start 1RM Performance. Through 1RM, our goal was to train athletes to perform at a level that is nearly impossible to achieve through normal training.  Sport coaches know their specific sports, we know strength and conditioning.  Our goal was to work with sport coaches to help athletes attain high levels of peformance.  Now, 1RM serves as a reference for coaches to use when designing programs, implementing training, and considering the biomechanics or physiological demands of a sport. We understand that there are many different ideas and concepts in the world of strength and conditioning; it is our mission to make sure our programs are based upon research that has been published in scholarly journals.

Bobby Congalton - Co-Founder of 1RM Performance

M.S. San Diego State, B.S. Sacred Heart University

C.S.C.S. (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist)


Bobby is the co-owner of 1RM Performance, a premier training facility in San Diego. Bobby is a jersey born strength coach and movement specialist. He is one of the few strength coaches to blend the science of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization with today;s latest sports performance models. Bobby believes that blending these two concepts allows his athletes to see the greatest gains, move most efficiently, ultimately creating monsters on the field and in the gym. His foundation as a strength coach is based on the two ideas, "the little things are the big things" and to never stop growing" in the gym and in life.

At the ripe age of 28, his best bench is 445, squat 455, Dead lift 545, vert 35”, standing broad jump 9’8”, 60-6.26, and 40 -4.5s. He still has it, as he tells his athletes. Every day he trains his athletes with hopes that they all out do what he has done. The ceiling in the gym is 12 ft, but when athlete is working with Bobby, the only ceiling is between the ears.

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Melissa Hinkley - Co-founder of 1 RM Performance

M.S. San Diego State, B.S. University of Nebraska Kearney
C.S.C.S. (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist)

Melissa is the the female half to 1RM Performance. Her humble beginnings in Lincoln, Nebraska molded her into the coach she is today. Her first exposure to weight training came in the 6th grade when she asked her dad for a set of dumbbells so she could have arms like Scottie Pippen. Her passion for any type of movement progressed and in the 8th grade she began a Strength & Conditioning program to prepare for high school softball. 

She finished her high school career with offers to play either Division I basketball or Dvision I softball in college, but decided to play both and go to the University of Nebraka at Kearney. Long story short, she earned her undergraduate degree in Journalism, worked for a newspaper in Costa Rica, and then figured out what her true passions were: Strength & Conditioning. 

She accepted a spot in the Graduate program at San Diego State University and discovered her skill of working with youth athletes. She worked with college athletes at both San Diego State and The University of San Diego, but found it so much more rewarding to work with junior high and high school athletes. She was hired by numerous clubs and high schools to work with their athletes including The Show baseball club, Granite Hills High school, Our Ladies of Peace high school, and Beach and Bay volleyball club, and La Jolla volleyball club. 

Melissa's progression as a Strength coach has been atypical to say the least. She has had the opportunity to visit several top notch businesses including Cressey Performance in Massachusettes, Mike Boyle's Strength & Conditioning facility, and the University of Kansas basketball program. She also had the opportunity to experience Olympic level programming as she played with the US women's rugby sevens team. For four months, she got to train with the team as they prepared for the 2016 Olympics. Although being a full time athlete has its perks, opening a gym with Bobby became the priority and they opened their facility in October of 2015. 

Melissa specializes in working with female over head athletes in junior high and high school. She spends her free time following Strength coaches like Cal Dietz to figure out how to optimally develop power. Or reading books by Dan John to see how to practically apply S & C principles for groups of high school athletes. And there's always meeting with physical therapists and chiropractors to incorporate "prehab" exercises to increase strength in the posterior chain to decrease lower body injuries to female athletes. When she's not learning or working with athletes, she's training to see if she can touch 9'8'', squat 275 lbs, and play professional beach volleyball. 

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Zach Clayton Sports Nutrition Specialist

zach clayton default
As of May 2012, Zach will have received a Bachelors of Science degree in Foods and Nutritional Sciences along with the completion of the Didactic Program in Dietetics from San Diego State University. Upon receiving his degree, he will complete the certificate program for the International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN). Beginning Fall 2012, Zach will return to San Diego State University to pursue a dual Masters of Science degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Sciences. His research interests lie within skeletal muscle protein metabolism, performance optimization, and mechanistic pathways in metabolism. As you can tell by Zach’s picture, he spends some time in the gym. Although he might look like the devil in his picture, you could also find him at the Rock church on Sundays. You might not believe it, but Zach is a professional natural bodybuilder, through the Professional Natural Bodybuilding Assocation (PNBA). He finds passion figuring out how to manipulate the human physique and improve performance through proper training and nutrition. He strives to teach that nutrition comprises ~90% of the end product. Zach’s love for bodybuilding stems from the weight training he did as a teenager, to improve his performance as a high school football and baseball player. Once the fun ended with high school sports, he refocused his passion and work ethic outside of the classroom into bodybuilding, and he has never looked back. Zach has a passion for improving the performance of young athletes by using proper nutrition and discipline, but his interests don’t stop there. He has background in clinical dietetics, food service, food science, and nutritional biochemistry. He has interned as a nutrition counselor under a Registered Dietitian, volunteered in clinical food service, worked as a research assistant on exercise and nutritional research studies, and is constantly reading the latest literature to improve his scope of knowledge. Zach is a tremendous reference for people of any age. Although he is bodybuilder, he has a huge heart and is not afraid to go above and beyond the needs of his friends, family, and clients.

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