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1RM Performance is a dream come true for two very similar strength and conditioning coaches from two very different locations. We united while working towards a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology, and since graduating, we decided to take it a step further and start 1RM Performance. Through 1RM, our goal was to train athletes to perform at a level that is nearly impossible to achieve through normal training.  Sport coaches know their specific sports, we know strength and conditioning.  Our goal was to work with sport coaches to help athletes attain high levels of peformance.  Now, 1RM serves as a reference for coaches to use when designing programs, implementing training, and considering the biomechanics or physiological demands of a sport. We understand that there are many different ideas and concepts in the world of strength and conditioning; it is our mission to make sure our programs are based upon research that has been published in scholarly journals.

Bobby Congalton - Co-Founder of 1RM Performance

M.S. San Diego State, B.S. Sacred Heart University



Bobby is the co-owner of 1RM Performance, a premier training facility in San Diego. Bobby is a jersey born strength coach, movement specialist, former division 1 javelin thrower, and meathead! As a coach he blends the concepts of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization with today's latest sports performance models. Bobby believes that blending DNS with his current training models allows for the greatest success and health of his athletes in the gym and on the field. Bobby is constantly evolving his programming and coaching but training always remains result driven. 

Throughout his athletic/training career his best bench is 445, squat 455, Dead lift 545, vert 35”, standing broad jump 9’8”, 60-6.26, and 40 -4.5s.  Every day he trains his athletes with hopes that they all out do what he has done. 

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Melissa Myers - Co-founder of 1 RM Performance

M.S. San Diego State, B.S. University of Nebraska Kearney
C.S.C.S. (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist)

Melissa is the the female half to 1RM Performance. Her humble beginnings in Lincoln, Nebraska molded her into the coach she is today. Melissa played basketball and softball at the University of Nebraska At Kearney before continuing her education at San Diego State University. While working towards her Masters, she intered at SDSU and USD and began building 1RM with Bobby. 

Now she works with junior high, high school, college, and professional athletes in San Diego. She believes that Strength & Conditioning is really quite simple - get stronger and move things faster. She is constantly researching new ways to improve her athletes' performance whether that be increasing vertical or lateral quickness or upper body power.     

When she's not learning or working with athletes, she is a Subject Matter Expert at the American Council on Exercise on Youth Sports Performance. If she's not in the gym, you can find her chasing her little boy Bo around in the sand or playing/competing in beach volleyball.  

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Devon Anthony

B.S. San Diego State University


Devon is an Oxnard, California native and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S). He graduated with a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology with a Fitness Specialist Emphasis from San Diego State in 2017. Devon interned at San Diego State’s Fowler Athletic Center during the Spring/Summer of 2017. Since then he has been assisting at 1RM with developing the beast in every athlete. Devon is a firm believer that once we remove the restrictions we place on ourselves, there is no limit to what we can become.

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    Training at 1RM Performance for the past 5 years has influenced me far beyond the gym. Late into my sophomore year of high school I met Bobby through a teammate of mine and quickly became fond of everything that 1RM represented. As many new members of the gym can attest to, initial experiences with Bobby can be very humbling as well as revealing. Unfortunately, the epic lifts done during weight training P.E. do not translate the same at 1RM.