Bobby Congalton - Co-Founder of 1RM Performance

M.S. San Diego State, B.S. Sacred Heart University

C.S.C.S. (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist)


Bobby is the co-owner of 1RM Performance, a premier training facility in San Diego. Bobby is a jersey born strength coach and movement specialist. He is one of the few strength coaches to blend the science of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization with today;s latest sports performance models. Bobby believes that blending these two concepts allows his athletes to see the greatest gains, move most efficiently, ultimately creating monsters on the field and in the gym. His foundation as a strength coach is based on the two ideas, "the little things are the big things" and to never stop growing" in the gym and in life.

At the ripe age of 28, his best bench is 445, squat 455, Dead lift 545, vert 35”, standing broad jump 9’8”, 60-6.26, and 40 -4.5s. He still has it, as he tells his athletes. Every day he trains his athletes with hopes that they all out do what he has done. The ceiling in the gym is 12 ft, but when athlete is working with Bobby, the only ceiling is between the ears.

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    Long Term Development of Youth Baseball Players

    The best ways to maintain long-term development of youth baseball players has been getting a little confusing over the past few years. The internet has granted coaches at all levels access to really advanced training methods. Band accelerated jumps, band resistant squat jumps, weighted ball programs, resisted and accelerated sprint work, and high speed high force med ball exercises are now all extremely common in training programs for athletes of all levels; from the beginners to the pros that have been training for 15 years. This info, although awesome to be out there, is in my opinion a double edge sword, and hindering the actual long term development of the youth baseball players of the country.