• Increase Strength, Power and Speed

    Increase Strength, Power and Speed

  • Velocity Based Training

    Velocity Based Training

  • Elite Volleyball Strength & Conditioning

    Elite Volleyball Strength & Conditioning

  • Improve speed, power and strength

    Improve speed, power and strength

  • Speed Work with Laser Timed Sprinting

    Speed Work with Laser Timed Sprinting

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    Movement Specialists

San Diego Strength and Conditioning Specialists

We are San Diego-based strength and conditioning experts. 1RM Performance is our platform to improve the performance of youth, high school, college, and pro athletes, while providing an environment with exceptional role models for athletes to look up to. Every exercise selected for our athletes is choosen because it has been proven (by science) to actually improve his/her performance. All sports have different physiological demands and all athletes are unique. We understand how to train specific athletes and how to create programs to help them succeed.

Simply put, we build well-rounded athletes. Sport-specific athletes tend to develop muscular imbalances that can hinder performance. As strength coaches and former athletes, we understand ideal joint positioning, and use the most efficient ways to improve these positions in our athletes. This creates the fastest improvements of performance in both the healthy and injured athletes. Improving skills is the coach's job, improving athleticism through better coordinated movements and joint positioning (strength,power,agility...) is ours.

We understand crazy schedules, grueling practices, and pressure to succeed.  We have created an environment at 1RM where athletes can thrive as people, as athletes, and as students. We are here to build and educate athletes; simultaneously creating an enjoyable environment for the athlete and the parent.

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  • Velocity Based Training for Baseball
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    Velocity Based Training for Baseball Players

    Training for baseball is something we specialize in at 1RM Performance. We work with baseball players ranging from junior high to professional. As a strength coach, my mission is to provide the most result driven, foreward thinking, detailed, and controlled training I can for all of my athletes. Basically, we make badass athletes fast and keep them injury free. My interest in knowing lead me to Cal Dietz who directed me to discover Velocity Based Training (VBT). Over the past three years, I’ve been trying to figure out the best ways to apply VBT with my baseball athletes. Here is what I’ve found so far…VBT is INSANELY powerful. The ability to auto-regulate training for athletes whose sports are extremely neurologically driven is a must if you are truly a performance based facility. Training with velocity, if you do it right, ensures progress for a longer period of time versus training by percentages. If you want to see your athletes compete in the gym or just create an even better environment, then you have to use VBT!

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