Kaylee Goff - Basketball

My 13-year-old daughter Kaylee has been playing club basketball since 3rd grade. Due to recurring patella dislocations, she needed surgery to reconstruct her MPFL.  Her orthopedic surgeon told us that she will need to spend as much time in the gym as on the court to incorporate strength and conditioning to build up her quads, vmo, hips, and butt.

After her initial evaluation, she started off slow and worked on the basics.  Every session, she would incorporate additional movements and exercises.  Melissa was careful to make sure both she and Kaylee started to trust her knees and would not put her in position for re-injury.  Melissa pushes Kaylee to her limits and makes sure she is being challenged.  She is a great coach, role model and mentor for Kaylee.

Having Kaylee work out with Bobby is an extra special bonus.  Bobby has been work with Kaylee on movements positions to align her total body and getting her to mentally understand her motion and focus on the positioning of her knees.  He has a very unique method and gets great results. 

Kaylee has been working out with her 1RM family for the past three months with fantastic results.  Her core is much stronger as is her upper body strength. But her legs are like rocks.  I love when she comes out of the gym and says “Dad, I had a great workout, I’m so swoll”.  In the coming months, she will get back to basketball while continue working out at 1RM.

- Rick Goff 

Makaela and Lily Nagy - Volleyball

our 17 year old daughter, Makaela, was introduced to Melissa through the OLP volleyball program; Melissa was consulting on strength and conditioning development.  I was immediately impressed with her - in her letter of introduction she presented both the girls and parents with a 7 week program for not only strength and conditioning but also nutrition and mental prep goals.  We instantly saw improvement in Makaela’s fitness and health levels.  Makaela is so energized by Melissa she continues to work with her weekly throughout the year.  

Inspired by her sister’s achievements, our 12 year old daughter, Lily, also started weekly sessions with Melissa. One of the first areas they addressed was developing symmetrical body strength.  Lily is currently working on not only improving her athleticism but is also laying the groundwork for proper, strong fundamentals of all around mind and body training.

Melissa inspires, motivates and most importantly, listens to our girls.  She has forged a nurturing friendship with them.  She turns on the drive, desire and motivation in our daughters to find the best in themselves.

- Charles and Jackie Nagy (Charles is a former MLB pitcher and currently the pitching coach for the LA Angels)

Hannah Mcewen - Softball 

My daughter Hannah has been working with Melissa for several years now.  Melissa has trained her not only as a developing young lady to a strong young woman but through injuries from her sport of softball.  She's very knowledgeable and knows exactly how to train with proper technique and push her to get stronger.  Hannah is the fastest runner on her team with great strength that has grown tremendously over the past few years.  Because of the training my daughter does with Melissa, she is a top level athlete playing on and competing with the top ranked teams in the country and heading to the University of Arkansas (the best conference in college softball).

- Alana Massey 

Emily Hubbard - Volleyball

Emily is a volleyball player at Coast vball club and a junior at Sante Fe Christian high school. She has been working with Mel for about a year now, and her overall fitness has been astounding. All aspects of her game have improved by a large margin, including power, speed and endurance.  Emily has developed into a strong, physical player with increased confidence that comes from being in great physical shape.

More importantly in my view, is that Mel has taken a personal interest in all aspects of Emily's life.  She has encouraged her to eat well, study hard and set life goals.  Mel is more than a trainer, I call her a life coach.  Emily really respects her, listens to her, and Mel has become a true mentor. It is that caring attitude about Emily and all aspects of her life that puts this personal trainer way above any other I have seen.  
To see the confidence, maturity, and dedication to achieving her goals, is something I really appreciate.
I might add that Emily will at times utilize other trainers at 1RM Performance and she totally enjoys the whole atmosphere. I would recommend 1RM Performance to anyone looking for a fun, professional, and state of the art facility to get in shape!

- Paul Hubbard