What Our Athletes Say

Mason Pelio - Boston College Baseball

Bryson Hashimoto - Washington State Baseball

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Chaira Spain - Yale Volleyball

Abby Ausmus - NYU Volleyball

Bobby changed my life as an athlete. Two years ago I was a kid who could succeed on the field, but fell off significantly when it came to my measurables. I would go to camps and combines with a high level of coach interest, only to lose it as the camp progressed. The issue was I wasn’t heavy enough, I lifted close to nothing and I was slow and non-explosive. Overall I was just bad on paper. However, this unfortunate trend ended when I started training with Bobby. Immediately into the first workout, I realized I was facing something completely new to me. Bobby was the first person to work me as the athlete I was. There was no comparison to what I’m not doing or intimidation from other’s accomplishments, I already had enough of that in other aspects of my life. Instead, it was just me and my goal I was going to reach. This attitude and fire Bobby brought to every workout helped me shatter lifting boundaries I thought weren’t possible. He instilled a hunger in me to crush every goal set in front of me. Today I weigh 30lbs more, squat 160lbs more, bench 90lbs more, broad jump 2 ft further , run a 40 .5 seconds faster, jump 10’ higher, and understand ideal movement, training, and how my body works. Not experiencing this athletic journey with Bobby could have prevented me from ever playing college football. Bobby is the key to your next level.

P.S. Be ready to work…

Hi my name is Sergeant Erick Gutierrez and I have served in the United States Marine Corps Infantry for the last nine years.  I have been struggling with combat PTSD for almost SGT- Erick Gutierrez7 years now.  I found that when I first started struggling with this, I was drinking every night and had a poor diet.  This made my PTSD even worse, one day I decide I was going to start lifting weights and getting back in shape because I was extremely overweight according to Marine Corps standards.  I was instantly hooked in fitness.  As time went on and I started dieting and working out on a daily basis I found that my symptoms decreased, I wasn’t sleep walking or getting anxiety attacks as often.  Fitness wasn’t a cure for me but I found that it gave a daily goal and a purpose in life.  I have now been working out almost daily for the last 6 years, and one of my symptoms of my PTSD is trust.  So I learned about fitness on my own and I would never ask anyone to spot me because of this.  I met Bobby back in October when I was attending an inpatient program for PTSD.  At first I didn’t want anything to do with anyone around there and I certainly didn’t want anyone telling me how to work out.  All that changed the day I saw Bobby working out.  I witnessed Bobby benching the 150 pound dumbbells for reps.  I have been going to the gym on a daily basis for the last 6 years and I have never seen anyone bench the 150 pound dumbbells, especially for reps!  At that moment I knew there was a method to his madness and I asked him for some tips.   Bobby seemed extremely happy to help, making it very easy for me to accept his help.  Bobby corrected my techniques and I found that with his techniques I was breaking through old plateaus with ease.

Matt McGarry - Belmont Abbey 2018 - Shortstop“Bobby has inspired me to become a better athlete and person more than I ever thought I could be. I have seen more progress in one summer than I ever though was possible for me. I drop .6 in my 60, put 200lbs on my squat, and cleaned up should and hips to lead to an injury free season! He motivates me to do more than I think I can because he truly believes in me, which makes me truly believe in the statement ‘The sky is the limit’.”

Marisa Marsh - USD tennisI started working with Melissa as a strength coach three years ago. At this time I was a freshmen at the University of San Diego and had the aspiration to walk onto their tennis team. I realized in order for me to achieve this goal, I had to increase my fitness capabilities. Not a lot of fitness coaches know how to train tennis players in the right way, but Melissa knew exactly what I needed from the first time we met. During our sessions we focus on increasing my speed and strength, specifically through explosive exercise and change of direction movement drills. Through working with her and spending a lot of time of the court, I successfully walked onto USD’s team. I would recommend any athlete to check out 1RM Performance. It is a positive, fun and proactive environment for athletes to get better and achieve their goals.

 David Popkins - 25 Years Old - AA Baseball St. Louis Cardinals, Indy Ball“Bob is not only an excellent trainer but he is in the gym grinding with you. You aren’t just another athlete for him it is personal. That is the kind of trainer you want to work with, someone who is equally invested in your career as you are.”

"I met bobby coming into my freshmen year of throwing at sacred heart university. I vagily remembered him from my offical visit which he was very talkative and made me remember who he was. During the first week of school while I was working out, he approached me and suggested to follow his lead for the upcoming season. I agreed and from the first week of training I learned more then I could imagine about what it takes to bring my throwing to the next level. Bobby became a reference for any nutrition or strength and conditioning Chase Petrucci question, he was always there to pick me up and remotivate me during frustrating times, and became someone I aspired to model as I grew older. I can say he has been a main component making me the man I am today. He told me "motivation is the key to success" ; well bobby was my motivational spark and kept me going, leading me to my track sucess. Following his graduation we continued to stay in touch and now instead of being the senior I looked up to he has become a brother, one I can always go to when I need more motivating or just want to talk. Bobby is a well rounded rounded individual and knows a heck of a lot about nutrition, developing strength and conditioning programs, making you a more powerful athletes,Olympic lifting, how to change your life style, and mold you into the best person you can be."