Why 1RM Performance, By the Athletes

Why 1RM Performance, By Justin Page, a 5 year 1RM Performance Family member! 

At the end of summer 2010 was my first encounter with Bobby Congalton. I was very impressed with him upon our first meeting, thinking something along the lines of “was this man hand-chiseled by the Greek Gods themselves?”


Where I was before 1RM Performance

It was not until my junior year of high school that I started to train intensely with Bobby. Up until I started high school baseball, I relied on natural abilities alone. Those talents, as many of you could predict, only took me so far. At the end of my sophomore year, after a long year of minimal playing time for the JV baseball team, I gave my good old friend Bobby a call. Previous to my realization, Bobby had been trying to get into a training routine with me for the last two years, but I wasn’t into it. At this point in my life I knew it was time to get to work.

Where I am Today

Fast-forward to the present day, where I am now interning under Bobby at 1RM Performance,  a little over four years from that moment of realization, and I cannot help but notice how much has changed. After that summer of training I made the varsity baseball team my junior and senior year of high school. My fastball, before training, topped out at 76 miles per hour. After training with Bob over the years, I topped out at 85 miles per hour. But Bobby’s impact on my life was so much more than just a few stats and numbers. I gained confidence in myself, inspired to live a much healthier lifestyle, and Bobby grew into the older brother I never had. For all these things he has done for me, I am forever grateful to him.

This article is not a knock to any one else I have trained/worked with over my time as an athlete and future strength coach. This is my opinion on why Bobby and the 1rm Performance team are better for young athletes, specifically yours, than any strength coach a team or school could hire.

Why 1RM Performance


The reason why Bobby and his team are the perfect coaches for young athletes is because of the intense training methods blended with DNS tailored for each individual athlete, as well as the close relationship they form with each athlete. Seeing I have been training with Bobby for six years now, and coming into 1RM Performance since it has opened, I have been able to observe the different roles they play as coaches, resources, and most importantly to me, role models. Combining these two components of changing the way young athletes train, as well as the effort put into each individual relationship, I believe is the best combination for the athlete as a whole. You will become a better athlete and better person training here.


What other athletes say

I could go on and on about how Bobby is scientifically more knowledgeable to other strength and conditioning coaches. However here is some feedback from a few of Bobby’s older athletes:

“Bobby has inspired me to become a better athlete and person more than I ever thought I could be. I have seen more progress in one summer than I ever though was possible for me. He motivates me to do more than I think I can because he truly believes in me, which makes me truly believe in the statement ‘The sky is the limit’.”

-(D2 Baseball player) Matt McGarry, Baseball, Belmont Abby College ‘18

“Bobby is not only an excellent trainer but he is in the gym grinding with you. You aren’t just another athlete for him it is personal. That is the kind of trainer you want to work with, someone who is equally invested in your career as you are.”

-David Popkins, Baseball UC Davis ’12, St. Louis Cardinals

“Bobby is one of the best at mixing work with friendship. He cares about getting you better and makes it known every time you meet up. You can tell this is his passion because of his extensive knowledge on all things strength and conditioning. You can ask him anything about what you are doing and you will get an answer.”

-Timbo McGarry, Football, Catholic University of America ’12

“Bobby Congalton has changed my life by always being a genuine dude who cares deeply about my progress and development as an athlete”

Cole Habib, Football, D1 Football player at NAU


As you can see, the love for Bobby by his athletes is strong. This is especially interesting considering how much he challenges us as athletes. But that’s it! 1RM’s training techniques along with personal support makes for constant motivation to put in those long hours in the gym and makes it easy to keep showing up. Bobby still helps me train, and I am absolutely positive he can maximize other athlete’s abilities from the first meeting.