Summer Strength and Conditioning Programs at 1RM Performance

Summer strength and conditioning is about to get rolling here at 1RM Performance. It’s time to let the masses know what’s new! If you’ve trained with us in the past, you know that our programming and our gym are constantly evolving and bringing our athlete's the most badass results they could ask for. Summer 2017 brings even more improvements and evolution of what 1RM Performance is and how we make our athletes better!


New facility!

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If you don’t already know, we’ve moved into a brand new 2400 sq ft facility in Sorrento Valley. Our new facility has opened many new avenues of training, including even more speed, footwork, and change of direction drills. We now can facilitate larger group training so you can get jacked with your friends!

New programming

If you’ve been training at the gym over the past year you would have partaken in some form of velocity based training. Velocity based training is the most controlled/progressive way of making our athletes better. Traditionally loads lifted have been assigned back on a given percent of your 1 rep max, which in turn was supposed to give you the desired training effect. But, sport is based on speed, and the given adaptations associated with loads are actually attained by the speed at which the loads are being lifted. Velocity based training allows for even more specific training adaptations under load, aka more controlled and more efficient training! Velocity based training has allowed for some insane progress for our athletes so far, we’ve had 5 more athletes join the double body weight squat club in the past 2 weeks!

Diamond Kinetics Swing Tracking

One of the coolest things we have going on for our baseball and softball athletes involves us teaming up with Diamond Kinetics. If you don’t know, Diamond Kinetics is a company that has used mechanical engineers at the University of Pittsburg to create a sensor that gives instant feedback on swing speed, power, time to contact, and every other metric imaginable when it comes to hitting. We will be testing our baseball and softball athletes at the end of every three-week training phase throughout the summer to check improvements. This capability allows us to track another variable and see how our training programs improve our athletes’ abilities on the diamond and at the plate.

Laser Timing Systems

No more guessing on your progress. Sprints will now be laser timed. This helps for assessing athletes, avoiding human error on timing and really let’s us see how much faster we’re making our athletes. Even more than that, it holds all of our athletes accountable on their 100% sprints!

Detour Protein Bars

Free Detour Bars for all of our athletes and clients post training thanks to a little sponsorship! Fun fact, Detour got voted #1 protein bar by Men's Health this year. Ask us how to get a 30% discount if you want to order some online. 

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Growing Together

All of the improvements for this summer are here to make our athletes the most explosive, resilient, badass athletes in San Diego. The additions are also here to hold us, the coaches, even more responsible to make our athletes better (as if we weren’t already 100% on board)! We strive to be better so we can make our athletes even better. More exact timing and measurements really lets us see how effective what we are doing actually is. Email us if you would like more information about our summer strength programs!