Inside scoop on 1RM Performance

A lot has been happening at 1RM the past few months. We have seen athetes transform from weak, powerless athletes to strong, powerful athletes in just 8 weeks. It's amazing what a middle school athlete can do when you teach them how to use their bodies and how to transform their bodies into efficient, powerful machines. Take a kid and get them stronger and they will run faster, hit the ball farther, and start turning some heads. In a nutshell, that's what we have been doing the past few months. 

Bobby has got a pretty sweet set-up in the Carmel/Sorrento Valley area. He's working with a lot of baseball and football guys at the Carmel Valley Batting cages and has one of the nicest squat racks around along with some other fun toys. If your kid plays baseball and he wants to improve his performance, you are making a huge mistake if he/she doesn't work with Bobby. He works with some top notch high school pitchers and also some minor leaguers who have seen drastic improvements after just a few sessions. If you aren't sold on throwing harder, running faster, and hitting further, then consider the fact that his athletes are experiencing much fewer injuries during their seasons. One of our up and coming beach volleyball players (left) and Bobby repping 225lb for 20 (right).

Bobby has been working with marines for the past 5 months and has seen some huge gains in their performance. He has made such an impact that the guys surprised him with some specially designed t-shirts. As you can see below, they say "In Bobby we Trust" on the front and then on the back Bobby's calves are featured with the names of the guys in the program.

Melissa has been working with lots of softball and volleyball players. She works with a lot of middle school athletes who are seeing some huge gains as well. Several athletes have gained 3-5 inches on their vertical in just 6 weeks and decreased their pro-agility from mid 5's to high 4's (that's pretty darn good). A lot of the softballers have been going to showcases and been getting some good looks; it may have something to do with the fact that they have dramatically decreased their home to 1st times (at least I like to think I played some minor roll in that). And now that high school and college softball season just finished, those athletes will be getting serious about their summer strength programs with 1RM Performance. Two middle school athletes who will be big time contributers to their high school teams next year and the following (left) and a 7th grade athlete who will make a big splash at his high school (right).

Our athletes doing a few resisted sprints (we have all age groups covered here - middle school, high school and college). 

And we got some cool 1RM t-shirts made. Here's a few of our more advanced athletes showing them off. If you want one of your own (they are really soft) contact us and we will be sure to get you your own in either grey or white ($15).


On a final note, we are pretty lucky to get to work with the athletes that we do. I get asked all the time if I want to work with professional athletes or be a strength coach for a big Division I program. My response is usually something like this: "I'm fairly content working with the future big-names." I honestly believe that in 5-10 years I will be watching a good percentage of our athletes on TV, playing for big Division I schools.