1RM Performance Summer Training Recap

Summer Recap at 1RM Performance

A summer of training at 1RM Performance has just come to a close. This is the first summer where things have really exploded in the gym for us here in San Diego. I really believe we are becoming the premier training facility in the area. Not because of the athletes that come in, but because of the athletes that leave. 


Athletes’ lives changed this summer.

Every single one of my college athletes improved by over 120 lbs on their squat and were able to squat more then 2x their BW, some improving by 220 lbs.  Mental approaches to training were changed and rock solid work ethics were established. Each guy dropped an average of .4 seconds (as much as .9) in their 20’s and 40’s. Athletes who came in with movement issues that caused pain left with much better movement patterns, a better understanding of ideal movement, and were pain free. All of our college athetes have went back to college and are still killing it pain free at their schools.  All but one goal was met for all of the guys who showed up for a summer of training. Some of these goals included lifetime bests in specific lifts (over 100 lbs) or fastest sprinting times ever.  


Growth As A Coach

Although there was incredible growth by our athletes, we as coaches have also grown.

Personally, I continued to connect more dots between DNS and strength and conditioning. All summer we worked on incorporating DNS principles into our training and the combination of the two MAKES monsters. For example, this summer Matt Mcgary squatted 2.7x his body weight without pain. His previous best was 205 with patellar issues in both knees. Once his deep stabilizing system finally began to activate, lifting numbers started to fly up, his 40 dropped from 4.8 to 4.5 seconds and he felt a huge improvements in throwing velocity (his words not mine). It’s no joke. I also got to watch my first athlete play in the Perfect Game All-American baseball game, and see a bunch of my athletes there. Personally, my training sucked and I lost 10lbs and my squat and bench decreased by 80 lbs. But I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I like to think I donated my weight loss and loss of strength to my athletes. Training priorities change when summer time hits! 

Melissa successfully ran her first summer volleyball program at the gym; something she has been trying to do for 3 years. She changed the lives of her girls and showed them what training in a gym is suppose to be like. They all increased their verts, squat, speed, and movement on the court. She got to speak with Division 1 coaches who were recruiting her athletes, and then watched as many of her athletes committed to various D1 schools. 

Blake is now part of the 1RM Performance family. He was right there with us continuing to grow and learn through out each day. He attended his first DNS workshop and has been part of the reason I've grown so much as a strength coach this summer. Between his subtle humming and his strong work ethic, this young man will be doing great things in the strength and conditioning world.  He is a perfect fit for the 1RM Family.

More Than Training

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Athletes know it’s not just training at 1RM Performance. It’s learning, it’s growing, and it’s a family. The endless supply of peanut butter and protein is just a small token of what the athletes mean to me. A new branch on the family tree is a new member to my San Diego family.

Each athlete this summer has and will continue to play a significant role in the development and growth of 1RM Performance and myself. I can only hope to continue to play a significant role as they continue to grow on and off the field.  

Good Luck!! Cole, Justin, KJ, Connor, Keaton, Chandler, Dylan, Alfonso, David, Tim, Jasper, Zach, Brett, Kenny,and Matt. Kill it in college gentlemen!!!!!!