• We Offer Blending Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization & Strength and Conditioning

    We Offer Blending Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization & Strength and Conditioning

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The Kansas Jayhawks just committed the number one high school recruit – Andrew Wiggins from Canada. And while he was deciding which school he would grace his presence with, I was spending the weekend at KU watching the men’s basketball team workout. Last year, KU was ranked 8th in the preseason rankings; this year they have the potential to drop into the top 5. And it might suprise you what's giving the Jayhawks the edge to be a top 10 contender... drum roll... their Strength & Conditioning staff. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Benefits of Lifting with Chains

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1RM Performance on Elite FTS

Lifting with chains. We've all seen them, heard about them, maybe even spent time with them attached to a bar. The most popular question at the 1RM Performance open house was "What the heck are those chains for?" The use and benefits of chains lie in accomodating resistance, and understanding strength curves. To read more about the topic click on the link below. My article on the topic has been published on ELite FTS. Take a read, and begin to understand how training with chains can turn a great exercise into a phenomenal exercise.



A Quick Fix for your Hang Clean or Snatch Form

What do a Marine, a sailor, and an acupuncturist have in common? An inability to fully extend their hips while hang cleaning and snatching!



Training With Weighted Balls to Improve Throwing Velocity

Weighted balls will improve your throwing velocity. Whether you are a pitcher, infielder, or outfielder, having an extra mph behind each throw will improve your game. A great way to improve throwing velocity is through the use of over and underweight balls. To some, this sounds like a controversial topic since we’ve all heard mixed reviews on over and underweight ball use. I can only hope to dispel those myths by the end of this article, and show you how over and underweight balls are a great way to get a few more mph every time you let the ball fly.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Increasing Throwing Velocity Volume 1

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How can you improve your throwing velocity? If you were to ask me (a guy that has never played baseball) how to improve your throwing velocity, I would probably be able to ramble off 50 or 60 different ideas. If you were to ask the average minor leaguer, or major league hopeful, you would probably get one answer - long toss… and maybe a couple med ball drills (big maybe there).

Over the next week or so I will go over what I believe to be the most effective ways to improve throwing velocity of a baseball or softball player of any age and skill level. The ideas shared are all a result of research conducted throughout the world over the past 35 years. Enjoy the ride on the education highway!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Effect of Stress on Training

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The Effect of Stress on your Training.

Stress and training go hand in hand. For some, training is a way to let go of their stress. For others, training and not hitting your weights for the current day increases your current stress levels. Which ever case you may be, you are ahead of the game by being in the gym and training! As life rolls on, you are guaranteed to have a bad day in the gym. To understand why days like this occur, you need to understand stress and the affect it can have on a workout. If you are like me and are still learning how different types of stress affect your training, it is a frustrating, yet exciting processlittle_kid_with_stress.jpg.


Should softball pitchers have specific Strength & Conditioning programs to address the windmill pitch? Well, we all know that baseball pitchers are a very specialized position and should be trained in a very specific way. It's not uncommon for baseball pitchers to go to pitching coaches, physical therapists, chiropractors, message therapists, and strength coaches. There's 40+ years of research devoted to the mechanics of baseball pitching and there are lots of facilities devoted to just training baseball pitchers. Can you say high maintanence?? On the other hand, there are thousands of softball pitchers that aren't sharing in the love. Most competitive softball pitchers do have a pitching coach, but what about the other specialties? Let's look at why softball pitchers are getting injured so often and see how strength coaches can be a key element in their success.  

Friday, March 22, 2013

Q & A with a 1RM Follower Part 1

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I recently recieved an email from a 1RM Perfomance follower asking some good questions about training and nutrition. Throughout the week, I will be sharing the answers with you guys one at a time.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Breathing Life Into The Bicep Curl

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What are the benefits of a Bicep curl? Bicep Curls; The one exercise that has been loved and disliked by everyone thoughout their lifting careers. When you're young and just starting to lift, you do them mulitple times a week. From middle school PE classes to serious lifters in the gym, most people have included lots of traditional ab work and sets of 21's. (In case you didn't do 21's its a set of 7 reps at the bottom half of the range of motion, 7 at the top half, and 7 full reps). As you get older, you start to think that they are pointless and you get enough bicep activity when you train back. If you cringe when you see guys at the gym spending a large chunk or their time curling, then you know you fall into this category.

Then, you actually mature in your journey and realize no matter how much you dislike them, they will always be a part of your life. So you change your thinking and start seeing that a bicep curl is more then just a way to train your arms, it is a way to train rotary stabiity, train your rotator cuff, and after all, plays a bigger role in strength and conditioning then you once thought. 


When you have a group of 11-14 year-old kids together, there are a few different things that might happen. Number 1: pure chaos. Number 2: some disorder, but still getting some work done. And Number 3: competition madness. I can't lie and say #1 and #2 don't happen a lot, but I try to make #3 happen as often as possible.

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