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    We Offer Blending Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization & Strength and Conditioning

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Werner Günther Training Videos

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Werner Gunthar's was a world class shotputter in the 1990's. Born with the muscle phenotyping found most often in middle distance runners, Werner Gunther was able, through training, to become a world class shotputter.  

Werner Gunthar to develop the world class power needed to compete at the highest levels he had to traini at the highest levels. By constantly training at higher movement velocities Werner Gunthar wasn't able to change his muscle phenotype break down, but he was able to have his IIa fiber have more IIb qualities, and also selectively hypertrophy all his type two fibers with minimal to no growth of his type I fibers. Although not born with the greatest hand, training allowed him to accomplish incredible things. 

What we're given at birth, doesn't have to be what defines us. To be fast, jump often, sprint often, throw things often, move loads at high velocities, and do everything with a ridiculous level of intent!!!!

(Over the past month i've been diving into Henkkraaijenhof's work. In two seperate presentations he's mention Swiss Shotputter Werner Gunther's training videos. They're pretty awesome to watch! Enjoy!)These videos are a collection of his training. 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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